Blind Guardian Remaster and Reissue Back Catalog

Nuclear Blast remastered and reissued Blind Guardian’s entire back catalog last month. Expect compressed sound.

Today, Germany-based progressive power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN re-release their first 7 studio albums as well as the first two live albums and their compilation via Nuclear Blast!

They are all available here:

The re-issues contain:

1. Battalions Of Fear (1988), remastered 2017
Bonus Tracks:
Brian (demo)
Halloween (The Wizard’s Crown) (demo)
Lucifer’s Heritage (demo)
Symphonies Of Doom (demo)

2. Follow The Blind (1989), remastered 2017
Bonus Tracks:
Majesty (demo)
Trial By The Archon (demo)
Battalions Of Fear (demo)
Run For The Night (demo)

3. Tales From The Twilight World (1990), remastered 2007
Bonus Tracks:
Lost In The Twilight Hall (demo)
Tommyknockers (demo)

4. Somewhere Far Beyond (1992), remastered 2007
Bonus Tracks:
Ashes To Ashes (demo)
Time What Is Time (demo)

5. Tokyo Tales (1993), remastered 2007

6. Imaginations From The Other Side (1995), remastered 2007
Bonus Tracks:
A Past And Future Secret (demo)
Imaginations From The Other Side (demo)
The Script For My Requiem (demo)

7. The Forgotten Tales (1996), remastered 2007
Bonus Tracks:
Beyond The Realms Of Death
Don’t Talk To Strangers

8. Nightfall In Middle Earth (1998), remastered 2007
Bonus Track:
Harvest of Sorrow

9. A Night At The Opera (2002), remastered 2017

10. Live (2003)

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3 thoughts on “Blind Guardian Remaster and Reissue Back Catalog”

  1. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Blind Guardian predated Idljarn by some years.

  2. Dr. Khan says:


  3. Dispirited says:

    All albums pre-2005 were (poorly) remastered (just made louder)in 2007, then properly remixed and remastered for a limited edition box set in 2013 as their final release with Virgin/EMI. All Nuclear Blast has done is make new pressings of the box set remasters, but sold individually this time, which is nice.

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