Bolt Thrower to attend Maryland Deathfest

Bolt Thrower liveEnglish battle poets Bolt Thrower will, according to their homepage, be playing at the Maryland Deathfest on May 23rd, Chaos in Tejas Festival in Austin a week later and Tuska Open Air Festival (Finland) on June 28th. At Deathfest they’ll be joined by Antaeus and Carcass among others.

Bolt Thrower made deathy grindcore during the late 80s and early 90s probably culminating in the epic …For Victory (1994).

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5 thoughts on “Bolt Thrower to attend Maryland Deathfest”

  1. deadite says:

    FYI – the Gehenna playing will be the US black/hardcore band from Nevada. Not the Norwegian one.

    1. Ralph Archer says:

      That makes sense; post’s been edited. Thanks for letting us know.

      1. deadite says:

        No problem!

        The US Gehenna is pretty good too! Not as profound or eerie as the Norwegian Gehenna, but still worth the time.

        1. Ksatria says:

          And here I am with an unsatisfied erection. I’ll take your word for it and check out the US band.

  2. Ksatria says:

    I’m pretty hard over this news, especially the coming of Gehenna, so to speak.

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