Bolt Thrower “Will Soon Be Heard Again”

British grindcore legends Bolt Thrower, who broke up last year after the death of drummer Martin Kearns, announced almost a year later:

It feels like two days not two years since that darkest of days, when we lost one of our own:
Martin “Kiddie” Kearns – never outclassed, never replaced, never forgotten.

Rest in peace friend, with the knowledge that your Battle Drums will soon be heard again…

“Loyalty above all… except Honour”

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9 thoughts on “Bolt Thrower “Will Soon Be Heard Again””

  1. canadaspaceman says:

    I was listening to UNDERGANG ‘Døden læger alle sår’ CD and kept wondering why it seemed familiar.
    It sounds like Bolt Thrower… but heavier. :D

    1. Totalhell says:

      Nothing is heavier than the mighty BOLT THROWER

      1. Marc Defranco says:

        Agreed it’s like a fucking tank building up speed and rolling everything over

  2. Eric Syre says:

    For as long as it’s not a useless live album…

    1. hey you fucking baguette where can I download your discography again?

  3. GGALLIN1776 says:

    That was quick.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      The actual text says

      […] with the knowledge that your Battle Drums will soon be heard again

      So, no reunion yet.

      1. The Polished TURD says:

        Hail the mighty Bolt Thrower

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