Brutality – Ruins of Humans

brutality-ruins_of_humansClassic Tampa, Florida death metal band Brutality released a new two-song EP entitled Ruins of Humans which continues the style in which a melodic Morbid Angel meets Monstrosity that defined their debut album Screams of Anguish.

The vocals are still the crushing yet discernible Glen Benton meets Karl Willetts style as always, belting out apocalyptic views of human error. They didn’t recreate the wheel, and this won’t start a revolution, but it is still high quality material very much in the vein of their early Nuclear Blast releases, and is a step up from their forgettable swan song In Mourning and the confused 2003 demo.

There is a lot of potential in this as they have still retained their characteristic long flowing melodies that are akin to early At the Gates and blistering blast beat passages, and isn’t misdirected like the recent Convulse and Purtenance reunions. Hopefully a new album from these veterans as well as the upcoming return to form Demigod material will deliver the goods.

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2 thoughts on “Brutality – Ruins of Humans”

  1. Spork says:

    Odd, I thought Demigod dissolved again or that’s what their MA profile said. This is good, excellent melodies, but like their earlier material, the drumming is a bit dull.

  2. federico7979 says:

    i was shock when i first knew they were releasing an EP.
    when listened to it.. fuck, it blowed my mind… really good EP and definately they haven’t lost their style, the essence is there breaking skulls!

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