Brutality to release new album – Sea of Ignorance

sea of ignorance
The relatively obscure Floridan death metal band Brutality is releasing a new studio album (Sea of Ignorance) on January 22nd, 2016, following up on 2013’s Ruins of Humans EP, and several albums in the 1990s. Back then, they mixed influences from various contemporary acts into their own unique style; generally more melodic and phrasal than not and sometimes even reminiscent of Scandinavian acts like At the Gates and Sentenced. Since Ruins of Humans built off that and the band apparently retains some of its lineup from that time (according to their Facebook), it’s likely that Sea of Ignorance will continue that style; it would certainly be a worthy addition to your collection if that turns out to be the case.

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2 thoughts on “Brutality to release new album – Sea of Ignorance

  1. Demonseed says:

    People used to consider them kinda cheesy but still their first couple of albums are really fun to listen to and have that awesome 90s DM sound. Kind of albums you can listen to a bunch of times and not get bored.

  2. Wassup homedogs? says:

    Does anyone know if Brutality guitarist Mausolus Arguelles Von Kiszka actually died or had a sex change? The blabbermouth statement is that he/she went to the other side

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