Centinex releases Redeeming Filth

2015’s Redeeming Filth
, the successor to World Declension (2005), was recorded at Amplified Studios and mixed & mastered at Garageland Studios by Ronnie Björnström (Aeon) during the spring of 2014. Album cover has been created by Twilight 13 Media (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Darkthrone).

01. When Bodies Are Deformed
02. Moist Purple Skin
03. Death Glance
04. Stone Of Choice
05. Unrestrained
06. Bloodraze
07. Without Motives
08. Rotting Below
09. Dead, Buried and Forgotten
10. Eye Sockets Empty

Alexander Högbom – vocals
Sverker Widgren – guitars
Martin Schulman – bass
Kennet Englund – drums

The album  is available in: digipack CD, digital format, black vinyl, limitedbrown vinyl and digital formats.

Digital copies (via Bandcamp):

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8 thoughts on “Centinex releases Redeeming Filth”

  1. discodjango says:

    This band was always third-rate Swedish death metal, but the new album is even more dull than their other stuff. It’s as excruciating to listen to as Entrails, Zombification, Facebreaker, Demonical and the dozens of bands that turned the great work of Nihilist/early Entombed, early Dismember, Carnage and early Unleashed into ‘catchy’ songs for young metalheads who think they are listening to ‘old school death metal’.

  2. Nuclear Whore says:

    I don’t understand why in Xtreem they didn’t liked it.

    I think it’s intense, varied, short and catchy, this last adjective not in the vein “death n’Roll”. but in the vein “excuse us we are going to smash your head with this hammer a little bit”.

    It’s perhaps because there are too much bands like this nowadays?

    The demos are nice, although they have too much sterile sound.
    That “morgue whatever”-titled album is nice, too.

    >Into ‘catchy’ songs for young metalheads who think they are listening to ‘old school death metal’

    I’ve been listening to this stuff since 1991, have mercy ;_;

    1. discodjango says:

      You are right: there are too many bands playing the Swedish style nowadays. Most of the stuff is empty and shallow. The SDM albums of the last few years I would rank ‘above average’ are “Burial Ground” by Grave, “Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy” by Interment and “Grant Us Death” by Polish band Ulcer.

      1. Aaron Lynn says:

        I second Interment for sure.

        1. Nuclear Whore says:

          Ah, thank you to both.

          Personally, I from the modern times, I enjoyed http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Puteraeon/The_Esoteric_Order/292513

          1. discodjango says:

            A few years back I listened to the first two Puteraeon albums for a short while. They are okay, but have no lasting power. The one you mentioned is their best. It always sounded to me like a modern version of early Unleashed crossed with “Unorthodox”.

  3. Richard Sullivan says:

    Wtf? This album was released in November 2014. Surely you couldn’t have missed such a detail when you were writing up this post.

  4. Disremember says:

    Interesting old school Swedish death metal compilation

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