Codex Obscurum zine issue #2

codexobscurum2New England based old-school print zine Codex Obscurum has just announced that their second issue is available for order. For $2 (plus shipping) you can obtain a well-versed printed zine that encompasses many elements of Hessian culture.

Bands covered in issue #2 include Defeated Sanity, Incantation, Forteresse, Morpheus Descends, The Hookers, Ringworm, Goatcraft, October Tide, Morticia and a multitude of others.

Ordering information is located here.


One thought on “Codex Obscurum zine issue #2”

  1. Ripping Death says:

    Texan Death Metal warriors recently released a compilation album with all
    their demos from 1991-1994. It is 53 minutes of killer Death Metal!
    In 2002 a split album was released featuring Suffocation and Pyrexia.
    Check them out if you love old school ripping Death Metal!!

    INTERVIEW with Death Metal band CRUCIFIX (Texas – 1992)

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