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Cruxiter hail from both Texas in 2013 and a mystical land where it is always the early years of classic heavy metal. Heavily influenced by the first two Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate albums, but incorporating a diverse range of influences in technique and songwriting, Cruxiter on their self-titled debut take us back to the days of nascent speed metal.

Approaching their music from a classic metal sensibility, Cruxiter also carry over a melodic influence from the 1960s-1970s period of guitar rock, thus injecting a wide range of variation in lead guitars and riff fills. The result has a buoyant tendency that counterbalances the nimble riffing, creating like impressionistic painting a sensation that is best observed from a distance. When this music is playing across a room, the listener identifies the tune first, and gradually tunes in to the beat of the riffs, then can hear the individual riff textures when drawing closer to the speakers.

Coating these classic metal anthems are higher intoned but adroit vocals that like a fencer quickly change position to take the best vantage of each adjustment in underlying riff or song. The result moves along quickly but, owing to its guitar-heavy rock heritage, develops the solo to complement the song and the vocals, giving it a harmonic depth in addition to the intertwined guitar and vocal melodies. Like all of the techniques Cruxiter keeps on hand, these are applied with different emphasis on each track, keeping songs distinctive and thus energy high from beginning to end of this promising debut.

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8 thoughts on “Cruxiter – Cruxiter

  1. Lord Mosher says:

    This sounds like 80s American Power Metal, in the vein of second Attacker or even later Liege Lord. On second thought, it also sounds like Fates Warning debut – night on Bröcken.

    1. N. Emo says:

      Fates Warning also sounds like Iron Maiden, everything in metal either sounds like Motorhead, Slayer or Iron Maiden.

      1. tiny midget says:

        u need to unplug that dildo from your ears.
        what u saids not true.
        go away.
        u suck!

        1. N. Emo says:

          You typed that with your feet because you have dongs in every hand and orifice.

          1. tiny midget says:

            I’m ur mom. Wouldn’t u know…

  2. Lord Mosher says:

    Just listened to the whole album and it fucking rules!! This is fantastic fellers!! Absolute heavy metal bliss.
    Here are the download links:

    Cruxiter – Cruxiter password: 2012

    and an interesting interview:

    1. Dr. Akenfeldt says:

      Cruxiter is the best heavy metal band of present times.

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