David Parland 1970-2013

david_parlandAccording to Wikipedia and internet sages, David Parland (Necrophobic, Dark Funeral, Infernal) has died at the age of 42 on March 19, 2013.

Parland was a founding member of Swedish melodic death metal band Necrophobic whose album The Nocturnal Silence proved that death metal could be both musically erudite and intense, and opened the doors to many others who wanted to make elegant music in a time when most wanted chromatic brutality.

From Necrophobic, Parland went on to start Dark Funeral and make a melodic and essentialist version of black metal that later worked more occult heavy metal into the mix. After that, he joined Infernal and developed their unique style of intensely violent music.

With the passing of Mr. Parland, death metal loses a talented musician and someone whose forward momentum launched more vital projects than most can dream of. It is hope that his legacy will not be forgotten.

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20 thoughts on “David Parland 1970-2013”

  1. nick says:

    damn another great loss, R.I.P. and the media won’t report on this because he isn’t a drug using pop star

  2. Anthony says:

    It’s worth noting that Blackmoon wrote most of the music on the sophomore efforts from Necrophobic and Dark Funeral before he left each of those bands as well. Really underrated composer. “Darkside” in particular is one of the highlights of ’90s Scandinavian metal.

  3. SkullCrusher says:

    so sad to hear, great talent, may he rest in peace.

  4. Marco says:

    coincidentally I listen de Necrophobic’s full discography the last week … One of the best albums of death metal is NOCTURNAL SILENCE; and one of the best Eps in Black Metal is Dark Funeral Ep with blackmoon !! … Full and total respect to David… Rest in Peace in Valhalla brother!!

  5. OknaM says:

    Fucking tragedy (…………………..)



  6. Sanistra Demonica says:

    We will miss you greatly, my heart goes out to family and friends. You will live forever in that what you’ve bestowed onto us through out your music and greatness xXx~.~xXx

  7. rajj says:

    Rest in Pieces

  8. This is horrible. This guy was one of the best riff-writers in metal!

    How can our society fail people like this? It’s like it is bigoted against people of real talent and intelligence.

    I think he fell off most people’s radar when Dark Funeral got absorbed into all the later black metal sound. They were always a good band, just at the wrong place and wrong time.

    Hope there’s an afterlife and he’s in it, having a good time and writing more riffs like on that first Necrophobic album.

  9. snaggletooth says:

    Blackmoon live forever through his nocturnal , evil riff’s and the blending of Swedish melody. Nocturnal silence for his departure into another time. Horns up high always.

  10. snaggletooth says:

    May you live forever and ever in the eternal hellfire.

    Hail the hordes!

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