David Vincent leaves Morbid Angel


On the heels of much conjecture, and his own denials that an expulsion had taken place, David Vincent has announced his departure from Morbid Angel with a softly-worded press announcement:

Austin, TX – June 19, 2015

Fans To Stay Morbid

I had good communication with Trey yesterday and we agree that there are incompatibilities with regards to us working together.

Trey and I have accomplished amazing things together over the past 30 years and I wish him the best with his future projects. Out of respect for the legacy of these accomplishments, I encourage Morbid Angel fans to not take sides because, I am not.

I look forward to sharing my new endeavors with all of you in the near future. Until then, stay Morbid! ~David Vincent

While this may be disappointing to many, it represents new ground for Morbid Angel, which just hired Steven Tucker again, lost drummer Tim Yeung and guitarist Destructhor, and appears to be re-organizing itself more toward its last good material produced, 1998’s Formulas Fatal to the Flesh. Given the immense dissatisfaction with the most recent Morbid Angel album which took the band in a more Rammstein/nu-metal direction under Vincent’s guidance, this re-organization looks like the band orienting itself more toward metal material.

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3 thoughts on “David Vincent leaves Morbid Angel”

  1. Anthony says:

    I’m pretty skeptical about all of this. Trey has been a Power Rangers-loving weirdo for years now. I’m pretty sure he had more musical input on the last abomination than Vincent did.

  2. Parasite says:

    I don’t think Morbid Angel has the integrity to keep up with the Death Metal crowd these days, regardless of line-up.

    Did David Vincent contribute largely to their best works anyways??

    1. Daniel says:

      No. He just provided beach bro vox.

      He should leave the Just For Men.

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