Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom Out October 20th


Dead Congregation‘s Sombre Doom EP is coming out October 20nd on CD from the band’s own Martyrdoom Productions label. The EP will be available for purchase on their upcoming European tour. From Dead Congregation’s Funbook page:

14 minutes of DEATH METAL Somberness and Doom.
CD out on the 20th of October via Martyrdoom Productions, 12″ out via Norma Evangelium Diaboli (release date TBA).

01-10-16 Graveland Fest, HOLLAND
08-10-16 Path of Death Fest, GERMANY
22-10-16 Caledonian Fest, SCOTLAND
23-10-16 Hamburg, GERMANY
24-10-16 Copenhagen, DENMARK
25-10-16 Wroclaw, POLAND
26-10-16 Nürnberg, GERMANY
27-10-16 Antwerpen, BELGIUM
28-10-16 London, UK
29-10-16 Manchester, UK
30-10-16 Limerick, IRELAND
31-10-16 Bristol, UK
01-11-16 Nantes, FRANCE
02-11-16 Olten, SWITZERLAND
03-11-16 Gottingen, GERMANY
04-11-16 Wolfsburg, GERMANY
05-11-16 Dresden, GERMANY
17-12-16 De Mortem Et Diabolum, Berlin GERMANY
Feb ’17 Eastern Europe Tour TBA
04-03-17 NDF Netherlands Deathfest

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3 thoughts on “Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom Out October 20th”

  1. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    it would be good for this band to gain more fans and status,, we need a solid death metal band many can agree on instead of this random hodpodge of tinker toy projects that makes up the underground, we need more kings less peasants

  2. You're Right says:

    It would be good if someone reissued Graves of the Archangels

  3. Ludvigilance (Voddy with the B.B0dy) says:

    Dead Congregation – Ombre
    congregación de los meurtos – Sombrero

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