3 thoughts on “Dead Congregation Stream Sombre Doom

  1. Erectile Perditionist says:

    hombre doom.

  2. Belisario says:

    The first track sounds like a 9 min intro, the second one like a light conclusion song. Now the only thing missing is the actual EP in between…

  3. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Funeral Throne — This was really a positive suprise. The most-recent album bows too energetically to a lot of things which should (IMHO) rather be left to rot in peace but at least live yesterday, this was mostly excellent black/ death metal, combining an urge for movement with the intellectual pleasure of following the tracks as they evolved. It’s a real pity that this was burnt in the setting of the usual “Who’s that? What’s that?” opener (almost) nobody cared for.

    Voices — Nauseant. “Do your worst” hipster black metal, hip hop samples inclusive. The vocals were very cool in some places but the onslaught of bearded thickframed glassesness trampled that into the ground left-handedly.

    Incarceration — Initially, I had some doubts about this but after the 2nd performance, this saved the evening.

    Dead Congregation — For natural causes, headliners always end up a little blurry. Some head collided with my head with a notable thump and the people-trying-to-hurt-each-other activity (with the unavoidable … throwing random punches from the sidelines) became unexciting fairly quickly. The set prompted me to buy the much too short EP. According to a video someone uploaded to youtube, the band played for an hour, but this was really just a succession of sounds and lights and one woke up after to return to a much more mundane world.

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