Deadhead #6 Zine Reprinted

Schattenmann Publishings¬†has reprinted the sixth issue of the Deadhead Fanzine featuring interviews with Mike Browning and Richard Brunelle from Morbid Angel¬†about the band’s earliest days when they wrote their best material. The original pressing sold out quickly so get yours while it is still available. Schattenmann is planning to recreate and republish other back issues of the Deadhead zine in the future too.

Metallic greetings!

Deadhead Fanzine #6 repress 2017 is available now.

After the original edition was gone within just a few weeks I’m proud to finally present the official reprint of DEAHDEAD FANZINE #6 so that everyone who missed the chance to secure a copy for himself can finally take a gooood look at this!

Featuring 152 A4 sized pages of pure metal insanity, housed in a thick laminated cover, this baby includes numerous interviews with bands like Morbid Angel, Alan Moses of Buttface Zine, Spectral Birth / Incubus, Punisher / Picagari, Grave Desecrator, Slaughter, Merciless Death, Vulga, Ungodly Death, Poison, Evoked Doom, Trench Hell, Eurynomos, Venom, Metal Mania Zine, Mazetorment and many more!

Don’t miss this chance and get yourself a copy for 10,- Euro a piece – plus 1,45 Euro postage within Germany or 3,70 Euro postage worldwide (priority airmail).

Distributors are always welcome to join in of course!

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