Demilich Booked to Play Party.San Metal Open Air

Demilich are set to play the upcoming Party.San Metal Open Air festival in Germany according to the festival’s Funbook page. Check them out if you’re nearby as Demilich are amazing live.

we are glad to present you three new bookings today. We have been digging deep in the scene and found these three acts to strengthen our line-up. In case you have not purchased your ticket yet, feel free to order it here: !

DEMILICH are one of the bands that anyone who is into extreme death metal should listen to. “Nespithe”, their only full length album throughout their short career, is perhaps one of the main albums that has defined obscure technical death metal. DEMILICH has got to be one of the most awe-inspiring death metal bands ever from the early days. Four demos and one full-length later they broke up which is sad, leaving us with only these releases to marvel at. Anyway, the guys are back and will play at Party.San Metal Open Air 2017. Don’t miss them!
Country: Finnland
Style: Death Metal
Roots: Carcass, Venom

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