Desecresy – Chasmic Transcendence released by Xtreem Records


Finnish old school death metal band Desecresy released their third album, Chasmic Transcendence, via Xtreem Records (ex-Drowned) on April 21, 2014. Following more of a mid-paced approach in deference to the doom-death of past, the album offers 14 tracks of shorter length than previous albums.

Descresy, which consists of Nurmi T.G. on vocals and Tommi Gronqvist on guitars/bass/drums, might be compared to a fusion of old Finnish death metal like Abhorrence and doom-death like Incantation or Asphyx. The band released a promotional track, “Voracious Mass,” which demonstrates the changes in style.


  1. The Ethereal Bane
  2. Shattered Monuments
  3. The Denied Legacy
  4. The Eye of Death
  5. Cyclonic Mass Consumptor
  6. Sons of the Burning God II
  7. Celestial Intoxication
  8. Climber of the Sky
  9. Hibernant Orbs
  10. Travellers of Forbidden Planes
  11. Voracious Mass
  12. Waters of Neptune
  13. Infinite Halls
  14. Autumn of Souls

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5 thoughts on “Desecresy – Chasmic Transcendence released by Xtreem Records”

  1. Tree says:

    The material that I heard from this band previously was intriguing, so I will check this out. And call me a sucker, but song titles as vivid as those set the bar pretty high.

    Full album stream here:

    1. Tree says:

      Listened to the first half or so…got fairly bored. The composition is a bit choppy; this seems more like a collection of ideas (some of which are good) than fully-constructed pieces.

      1. Haven’t made it that far. Reminds me of Disma and War Master so far.

  2. Roger Waters' Unwashed Dildo says:

    The promo track feels less inspired than the previous album. A minor complaint, but the vocals are WAY too high in the mix. Could be the levels on the device used…..

  3. It sounds a little ‘rushed’ but I wouldn’t say bad. Let’s just hope that’s not all on the surface like it is with most new stock old school metal.

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