Divine Eve debuts new track “Sword Called Fate”

divine_eve-iconAfter three years of radio silence since their last EP, Vengeful & Obstinate, Divine Eve are returning with a new full-length to be out on Dark Descent Records in 2013.

This Texas band rocketed to influence in the early 1990s by releasing a Swedish-tinged doom/death masterpiece, As the Angels Weep, which showed a band with potential among the many confused offerings created as death metal bloomed.

Equal parts raging death metal and raging roadhouse heavy metal with a darker Motorhead flair, the music of Divine Eve emphasizes both dark places and an uncanny energy emerging from confrontation with them.

Vengeful & Obstinate shows the band refining their songwriting and picking up some new themes, using this added proficiency to make the tunes have more momentum and be more memorable.

While no date has yet been set for the release of the finished product, the release of this sample track is a tantalizing hint of what is to come for all fans of doom-death and related music.

3 thoughts on “Divine Eve debuts new track “Sword Called Fate””

  1. Rob says:

    Never understood why the DLA liked this band. They’re not that good.

  2. Syd says:

    Are you kidding me? Vengeful & Obstinate was awesome! sounds like Darkthrone should. A full length in the style of that EP would be ace.

    1. Jim Necroslaughter says:

      Yeah, I thought it was quite good. I liked it cause I would describe it as death metal with the effect of black metal. On ‘Ravages of Heathen Man’ you can hear the Vikings rolling into town.

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