Dying Fetus Release New Music Video

Camouflage cargo shorts band Dying Fetus released a music video for “Panic Amongst The Herd” off their upcoming crap album, Wrong One to Fuck With, on sell-out sludge and metalcore label Relapse Records. Relapse insist that:

Now 25 years into their distinguished career, Dying Fetus cement their legacy with Wrong One to Fuck With and uphold their position as the dominant force in death metal today.

Dying Fetus’s career is not distinguished and they are not a dominant force despite whatever their hipster sell-out label says. Dying Fetus are one of the original “Brutal death metal” bands who played hit people hardcore punk with death metal aesthetics. They and their ilk took inspiration from Suffocation and Morpheus Descends, whom the cargo short wearers dubbed “technical brutal death metal” despite them coming earlier, actually playing death metal, and with most of the “brutality” coming from thrash and speed metal. The “brutal death metal” deathcore crowd attempted to become part of death metal in the mid to late 90s by trying to “expand the genre.”

The slam ‘tards who ate this stuff up in the late 90s were trying to co-opt their crossover thrash tastes into something greater just as war metal fans attempted about ten to fifteen years later by claiming that the bands they loved to sort of mosh to played “black metal”. They wanted to be death metal as death metal was once great in their own area of the Northeastern United States. The slam bands wanted to co-opt the greatness of Suffocation, Immolation, Incantation, and Morpheus Descends by just calling themselves a “sub-genre” of death metal despite playing hardcore songs that made the Cro-Mags seem as metal as Bathory. They failed miserably. Nobody who didn’t dress like DMX took them seriously for good reason in the 90s. You shouldn’t either today.

Relapse Records is the label that went from death metal to stoner doom. They are the fools who tried to force every single band on their roster to have an intro and an outro, leading to Incantation to have a twenty six minute loop of what I think is a bicycle chain on the mediocre Blasphemy. Relapse even fuck up most of their reissues nowadays. They are the label who compressed and clipped the reissue of Repulsion‘s Horrified to hell, got one of the Pig Destroyer idiots to strip out all the mud from the reissue of Onward to Golgotha, and remixed Death‘s Human from Scott Burns death metal into plastic-sounding Itunes garbage.

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  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    With all the talk of face smashing, are there any videos of members fighting to be found?

    Kevin Talley can eat a dog taint.

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