Aging Suffocation vocalist Frank Muller has officially announced his retirementtarget=”_blank” rel=”nofollow external” from music as the extreme metal retirement wave continues.  Spanning an almost 3 decade career exclusively with the same band, Frank had one of the deepest gutteral vocal tones of the early 90s and enjoyed an unusual amount of success in his later years when Suffocation’s technical death metal style became interchangeable with the deathcore fad of last decade.  Frank now plans on attempting an acting career but will probably end up giving up on it soon and opening up a pizza restaurant in Staten Island instead.

2018 is becoming the year where we begin to say goodbye to some of the bigger names of metal’s greatest years, and the pace of this will hopefully quicken.  It’s good to see a death metal staple like Frank set a precedent in stepping aside at just the right time and ideally more from the 80’s/90’s will follow instead of selfishly trying to pimp their sound out out for as many shekels as possible.  The time is long overdue for the old to fade so that a new generation of metal musicians can step out of the shadows of their forefathers and we’re finally seeing glimpses of this.   Death comes for all things and will consume even the careers of those who worshiped it.

Judging from the inside of Frank Mullen’s house, it looks like he’ll enjoy retirement nicely and hopefully won’t have to share a nursing home with the members of Immolation anytime soon.  Relive Frank’s greatest work below:

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12 thoughts on “FRANK MULLEN RETIRES”

  1. Nespithe & Burzum says:

    Where are these glimpses of a future metal hope?

    1. Covfefe says:

      Exactly. It’s not for the old guard to step aside and make way, the new acts should come up with something that’s good enough to kill the old guard.

  2. Mister Syre says:

    It’s a good thing to be able to retire but it’s even better to know when to do it.

  3. canadaspaceman says:

    i never followed Suffo, so correct me if I am wrong, but did the singer NOT go out on tour a bunch of times?

    1. Poverty for the poor says:

      Yeah. He had better things to do.

  4. cornrose says:

    (((Fwankie-boy held out as lawng as he could)))

  5. who knew? says:

    Even death metal pays well enough to buy a McMansion it seems.

    1. Poverty for the poor says:

      People in once good bands living the good life. Trey Azagthoth lives in a mansion. I only want to see the scam metal/indie people die destitute.

      1. who knew? says:

        I thought Trey lives in his moms basement.

        1. Harry with a tatoo of a dssnake on his face says:

          Do nude pics exist of his mom (Janell Emmanuel) because that would be truly EVIL !

  6. Nib says:

    But the best suffocation album is pierced from within…

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