Graveland Announces 2018 Tour, Releases Video For Re-Recorded “Thurisaz”

Ethereal second-wave black metal band Graveland will be touring across Europe in 2018, continuing a series of selected dates in Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. At these shows, the band will be playing songs from its compilation of re-recorded Graveland songs with the classic feel but without the “old days” bad production, 1050 Years of Pagan Cult, which is available through Heritage Records.

Dates are:

In addition, Rob Darken is selling Graveland merchandise directly. To purchase, contact

If you will buy 3 cd’s shipping is free!
Price of one cd: 10€
Warheart Records:
GRAVELAND – Following the Voice of Blood – Remastered, Splipcase CD 2017
GRAVELAND – Immortal Pride – Remastered, Splipcase CD 2017
GRAVELAND – The Celtic Winter – Remastered, Splipcase CD 2017
GRAVELAND – In the Glare of Burning Churches – Remastered, Splipcase CD 2017
GRAVELAND – Pamieć i Przeznaczenie – Re-mixed, CD 2016
GRAVELAND – Ogień Przebudzenia – Re-mixed, CD 2016
GRAVELAND – Prawo Stali – Re-mixed, CD’2014
No Colours Records:
GRAVELAND – Carpathian Wolves – CD
GRAVELAND – Fire Chariot of Destruction – CD
GRAVELAND – Thunderbolts of the Gods – CD
GRAVELAND – Creed of Iron – CD
GRAVELAND – Creed of Iron / Prawo Stali – Double CD
GRAVELAND – Cold Winter Blades – Mini-cd
GRAVELAND – Will Stronger Than Death – CD
GRAVELAND – The Fire of Awakening – Remixed, CD’2017
GRAVELAND – The Fire of Awakening – Old ver. CD
GRAVELAND – Thousand Swords – CD
GRAVELAND – Spear of Heaven – CD
GRAVELAND – Memory and Destiny – Re-mixed, CD 2016

GRAVELAND – Epilogue – Mini-CD’ 2015 Witching Hour Rec
GRAVELAND – Carpathian Wolves Rehearsal 1993 – Hellfire Rec 2016 CD
Tribute to Graveland II – Chants of Pagan War – Double CD’2014
LORD WIND – Heralds of Fight – CD2 Wolftyr Prod./No Colours Rec 2014
LORD WIND / MYSTERIAL – In to Samhain – Split CD – Stellar Winter Rec
LORD WIND – Atlantean Monument CD4 ’2006 New Reedition 2010
LORD WIND – Rites of the Valkyries CD3 ’2006 remix + bonus
PERUNWIT – XX Years of Pagan Crusade – Live CD 2017 Werewolf Prom.
WOODTEMPLE – Sorrow of the Wind – CD
WOODTEMPLE – Sorrow of the Wind – Digi Pack a5
VELES – Night of the Bare Mountain / Black Hateful Metal – Two Albums CD, No Colours Rec.
WEREWOLF – The Temple of Fullmoon – CD, No Colours Rec.
WEREWOLF – The Order of Vril – CD, No Colours Rec.
INFERNUM – Farewell – CD, No Colours Rec.
IUVENES/LEWIATHAN – Live in Eternal Sin – CD, No Colours Rec.

Graveland – Carpathian Wolves Rehearsal 1994 – LP (Hellfire Rec.) black – 14€
GRAVELAND – In the Glare of Burning Churches – Signal Rex 2017 – 5€
GRAVELAND – 1050 Years of Pagan Cult – Fimbulwinter Prod. 2017 – 5€

Patch Graveland “Pagan Cult Never Dies” 5€

In addition, the band has launched its Graveland YouTube channel and introduced its first video for the song “Thurisaz” from Following the Voice of Blood, recorded live at the Red and Black club in Chorzów, Poland, on June 3, 2017.

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5 thoughts on “Graveland Announces 2018 Tour, Releases Video For Re-Recorded “Thurisaz””

  1. Titus says:


  2. Marc Defranco says:


    1. Kekin' @ur lyfe says:


    2. The “nobody has money to put up for them” type pyramid schemes go into effect now. The posers who don’t like graveland are good for it. Just rip them off harder. Can’t be a real Satanist if ur not a big fucking jew/gypsy with dense arm hair that rob darken for sure wants to be around

  3. Gladius et Scutum says:

    I always thought that Fire of Awakening was the best of the post-Capricornus Graveland offerings and the re-recording with Polish lyrics is pretty good and well worth owning. Slavic languages seem to lend themselves well to the black metal vocal style and the lyrics seem more ‘barbaric’ and ‘pagan’ in Polish. The new instrumentation adds depth to the melodies but the fact that Darken has been mixing the guitars too far back for 20 years now remains a frustration whenever I listen to Graveland.

    I find it interesting that Darken is touring with Graveland now – the assumption seems to have been that ever since Lord Wind came into being Graveland would be pushed a bit into the background, but touring is always a heavy commitment for a band. It would be hilarious for Graveland to tour the USA – he could play 30 different venues and basically play to each of his American fans individually.

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