Hautakammio – Kukaan Ei Opasta Teitä Pimeässä

hautakammio-kukaan_ei_opasta_teita_pimeassaDuring the early days of black metal, it was acknowledged that punk had been a major musical influence on the genre. In particular, Discharge was cited as a foundation for seminal black metal band Hellhammer which later inspired a generation in the form of Celtic Frost.

The descendants of that heritage were the legendary Darkthrone, who fused punk energy, powerful riffs, and the searing bleakness of black metal into a musical maelstrom that had never before been heard.

Two decades later, Finland’s Hautakammio emerge with an even more intense attack. Sounding like a black metal crossover band, Hautakammio fuses the punk style with a black metal sound similar to Gorgoroth, producing a blistering aural assault. Riffs organically transition from dashing powerchord riffing to rapid tremolo picking while decidedly black metal vocals occupy the background.

Unlike Darkthrone however, Hautakammio does not sound greater than than the sum of its parts. While powerful music, it does not invoke a landscape of sound, remaining confined with linear production and direction. Nevertheless, this track is a solid composition with a unique take on a genre often stagnate.

For those interested in hearing more, the album Kukaan Ei Opasta Teitä Pimeässä will be released later this year through Darker than Black Records.

13 thoughts on “Hautakammio – Kukaan Ei Opasta Teitä Pimeässä”

  1. Name sounds Japanese. Music’s OK, not my thing, at least it’s in the old spirit.

    1. Belisario says:

      Hautakammio = Sepulcher

      Kukaan Ei Opasta Teitä Pimeässä = Nobody will guide you (plural you) in the dark

      Just in case someone is interested :)

      1. Why doesn’t the band name have any umlauts? It seems it should have umlauts, since the CD title is umlauts like Christmas decorations.

  2. deadite says:

    This stuff is DEFINITELY right up my alley. Really enjoying it, thanks a lot!

    1. Me too, this is killer. First band I’ve really liked in a long time, except stuff I knew about from before like Killing Joke, War Master, etc.

      1. kvlt attakker says:

        Good stuff.

        Keep up the good work!

  3. Blake Jugg says:

    \\\\||||////***666!!!!\m/ (> <) \m/!!!!666***\\\\||||////

  4. Where’s the lisp? The NES midi drums? Joy Division influence and Sunn 0))) association? These guys aren’t transcending the genre. Ya gotta kill your idols and embrace New York microwave pizza culture man. You gotta…transcend…

    1. Jim Nelson says:


    2. Education at Ivy League schools: $160,000
      Guitar, amp and rectifier: $5,000
      2 oz of killer indo shit man: $847

      Academic-style elitey articulation in the service of incoherent babble: priceless

  5. This is totally killer. Do they have this disc for sale anywhere? I hope that for their followup, they keep their first album pure death metal and leave the melodic stuff for later in their career, like Cenotaph did. Too much At the Gates and you end up making hard rock by album four.

    1. Wild says:

      According to the facebook page, it comes out in may.

  6. If you like this, listen to Gorgoroth’s song, “Gorgoroth”.


    Go right to the purest source, avoid mediocrity.

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