Heavy metal musicians involved with politics

jeff_sprague-damage_incJeff Sprague is a Canadian politician who is also a heavy metal musician. By day, he works in private security and is a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. By night he fronts a Metallica tribute band titled Damage Inc.

This may seem an unusual marriage, but consider: if we recognize that heavy metal expresses eternal values that are worth spreading; in the age of democracy, politics can be an effective method of achieving this. Rather than dismissing politics, Hessians should strive to get in and turn it in a more positive direction, as this not only improves political discourse, it also increases awareness of the Hessian community.

Unfortunately for Mr. Sprague, last Thursday he initiated a late night drunk driving incident. As reported by The Province, he decided to suspend his candidacy. A disappointing end, but one that offers a theme to reflect upon: politics requires a high degree of public professional behavior, something Hessians striving to achieve political change should take note of.

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5 thoughts on “Heavy metal musicians involved with politics”

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Wagner Antichrist is a better role model.

  2. And he blew it all for a DUI. Amazing.

  3. metal bob says:

    Drink driving is not necessarily the evil people make it out to be. It depends on the driver, and depends where they’re driving.

    Some people are frighteningly very capable of driving after a few drinks, and if its in a rural area its rarely as big a deal as in the city.

    Still, foolish thing to waste a political campaign on.

  4. Anon says:

    Politics is, in itself, about the spreading of temporal values: “what do the people want now?”. Wouldn’t Hessians be more inclined towards metapolitics than politics? Rather than joining the system and attempting to change it from within (which many have attempted in the past, none successfully), Hessians seem to prefer standing outside the society and telling people where its faults lie; in doing this, we can eat away at the pervading trust in the system. It can’t survive without the support of the general populace: if it is the system which is producing the negative effects of modern society (which isn’t wholly true, but certainly accounts for a substantial amount of the disease), then subtraction from the system – not addition to it – will bring about beneficial change. Move away from big government and party politics, revert to tribal self-governance whereby multiple autonomous populaces coalesce under a national banner while retaining cultural and legal distinction. Provide an example of a better society; don’t expect people to help you build one.

  5. Fuck politics! It is the blight of metal, especially N.S.B.M.

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