Horrid – Sacrilegious Fornication


The anthemic, direct energy form of death metal is one of the most recognizable strains of the many sub-groupings within the genre. Possibly the most popular type of death metal, it bridges the gap from heavy and speed metal to more developed and darker forms of metal. For most listeners, this zone stretches from Judas Priest Painkiller to Morbid Angel Covenant with many stops in between.

On Sacrilegious Fornication, Italian death metal band Horrid go back to this method of composition (along with ubiquitous Sunlight Studious production) in an attempt to root their latest album in traditional, tried & true death metal creation. Taking inspiration from bands such as (early) Death, Massacra, and Entombed, the well-crafted balance between melody and ferocity that each band embodied is preserved.

By keeping relatively straightforward time, rhythms are simple enough to understand at first listen, freeing the mind to appreciate the whole of the composition without being thrown off by faux-complexity. While simple, riffs are not low-minded, as the phrasal nature of them trancends verse-chorus limitations and provides the framework for vocals and drums to fit in on either side of the melee, merging into technological barrages that wind their way through a journey of war and death.

Some critics may wish to dismiss bands such as Horrid for being just another “Entombed clone” among dozens. While it’s true that there isn’t much to laud here as being “unique,” what instead can be appreciated is the quality of the music, its careful arrangement, and the enjoyment of listening to an album that respects the higher forms of death metal and wishes to preserve them into the present generation.

Sacrilegious Fornication was released on May 1st and is available from Dunkelheit Produktionen.

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3 thoughts on “Horrid – Sacrilegious Fornication

  1. trystero says:

    This is an excellent review, but I would have appreciated a breakdown of the kind of songs this band tends to make. I know all about the riffs, tone and mood but I don’t know what tends to happen in a typical Horrid song. Of course that is easily remedied by a listen so this is no criticism.

  2. Redman says:

    I have the compilation of this band’s work from 89-02. Nothing exceptional, truth be told, but they receive some credit for being there at the beginning. Not just another “retro” band.

  3. Wreckagonise says:

    Just wanna point out, it says ‘Sacrilegious FornIFication’ on that image. FORNIFICATION, people!

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