Incantation – “Messiah Nostrum” Music Video

Incantation released a music for the track “Messiah Nostrum” off their sure to be lame upcoming album Profane Nexus which comes out on Relapse Records later this year on a date I do not care enough about to Google or read the description of the Youtube video for. Neither should you as you absolutely should not pay money for this excuse to tour.

“Messiah Nostrum” is a putrid turd. The song sounds like a random tekdeaf band on Unique Leader or Willowtip Records got a hold of a Diabolical Conquest CD and decided to play slow to make themselves even more boringer. Why not just stop writing new music and play the hits live at festivals? Nice wind machine though John McEntee!

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8 thoughts on “Incantation – “Messiah Nostrum” Music Video”

    1. whatever says:

      i think Burmese is a great band. i think they have a vitality and honesty that this modern rehashed death metal sound doesn’t. i guess you’re more into thinking about neat little packages.

  1. neutronhammer says:

    It’s painful to see a legend embarrassing himself this way.

  2. Necronomeconomist says:

    I saw them play in like ’14, on the “Dirges of Elysium” tour.
    They did mainly play the hits, and did so amazingly. It was really devilish and ferocious. Fucking awesome performance from some old-schoolers.

  3. GVSM says:

    great video shit music

  4. Douche by Elysium says:

    It gets praise in the comments. Relapse knew having Incantation again was smart – sell in to the NWN drones.

  5. Trashchunk says:

    The drums sound fucking stupid, this lacks balls, I hate that I’m starting to hate the basic/classic death metal riff.

  6. Morbideathscream says:

    I just stick with Onward to Golgotha and Mortal Throne of Nazarene. Diabolical Conquest was decent and the last worthwhile Incantation album. They’re still solid live, but would be better if Craig Pillard rejoined playing shit off their first 2. That’ll give sjw’s/antifa a reason to bitch haha.

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