Incantation – Rotting Spiritual Embodiment Live Album Out Now

Necroharmonic Productions released an Incantation live album, Rotting Spiritual Embodiment, featuring a remastered live recording of the band from 1991.

The CD features the Onward to Golgotha lineup, Incantation’s best overall, and may be preodered from Necroharmonic Productions’ webshop:

Incantation ” Rotting Spiritual Embodiment ” CD

Live CD release.

1991 Recording from the Ultimate Death Metal Band
Incantation playing original classics tracks from the pre-Onward to Golgotha period

CD Remastered by Dan Swano in June 2017,

Recorded Live in Rhode Island in 1991, Never before released

Features the old school line up

Craig Pillard – Guitar / Vocals

John McEntee – Guitar

Jim Roe – Drums

Ronnie Deo – Bass


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3 thoughts on “Incantation – Rotting Spiritual Embodiment Live Album Out Now”

  1. The Cat in the Hat says:

    I have read as many complaints on about Roy Necroharmonic, as there were about Jake Bludd, being a ripoff.
    Buyer beware.

    1. you're gay says:

      Potential buyers can always pick it up somewhere else (discogs, HH, NWN, etc) if they’re worried about getting ripped off.

      I’ve also heard about Roy being a ripoff but never had any problems myself. But yeah, buyer beware.

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