International Day Of Slayer XII — June 6, 2017

Continuing a proud tradition, the twelfth annual International Day Of Slayer kicks off tomorrow morning, June 6. The whole point is to blast Slayer all day long while avoiding and evading the tedious requirements of this fallen world.

The organizers declare:

The International Day of Slayer is an international holiday for all metalheads to celebrate the heavy metal culture, as exemplified by Slayer, on June 6th of every year. Heavy metal is an elective culture, meaning that people worldwide choose it as their values system and way of life, and we believe it should be recognized with this holiday. Equal rights for hessians!

If you are looking for some new listening material, they have uploaded a Slayer bootleg for free download so that you can go fully appreciate rare Slayer performances at 120db, preferably starting at 6 AM!

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10 thoughts on “International Day Of Slayer XII — June 6, 2017”

  1. matters says:

    What about still supporting Slayer live nowadays?

    1. It's just brown and water says:


  2. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Ah I almost forgot. I should wear my 6/6/06 SLAYER shirt too.

    Show no mercy will be cranked in my truck assaulting the ears of fellow travelers at 120db. Seriously it’s so loud that people roll up their windows a few cars away when I’m at a stop light.

  3. SNAKE says:

    Wow, no shit talking about one of my favorite bands.

  4. McMetal says:

    Might as well. The new Incantation song sucked.

  5. Calvin odisho says:

    Love slayer for last15 teen years you guys rock

    1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

      15 teen years is a very long time, that’s over twice as long as most people!

  6. Diabolical Fullmoon AIDS Injection says:

    Fuckin’ A. We’re ready for battle, awaiting the final command!

    1. Rectal Turpitude says:

      My nigga I’ve been waiting a MINUTE for that final command. Like, what…33 years?

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