Interview with Rob Darken

Not by us, but informative:

H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs, J.R.R. Tolkien, R.E. Howard are my favorite writers. Their writings had a huge influence on my imagination when I read their books as a child. They fueled my desire for truth and for discovering ancient beliefs. They inspired me with ancient pagan myths and beliefs. They inspired me with desire of knowing the past forgotten and of searching mysticism and spirit of ancient civilizations. Inspired by such spirit you discover that studying the past is the same rich and satisfying as work for the future.

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0 thoughts on “Interview with Rob Darken”

  1. LOL says:

    SAK NOEL shits all over you!!! LETS PARTY

  2. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D says:

    omfg so im reading this blog post and i notice theres FINALLY some sadistic metal reviews right the fuck under it

    so goddamned excited

  3. fuck this says:

    “Categorically I reject Darwin’s theory about beginnings of human life on earth. I believe than man appeared on earth by divine intervention and I believe that human life does not end as a man dies, but it has its continuation in different dimensions.”

    This guy is a retard. I mean, I realized this from the moment I saw pictures of him posing in the woods, and from the fact that his band was decidedly “anti-Christian” in the edgy teenager sense, but this just takes the cake. I am no longer wasting time on this fuck, let alone supporting him and his music.

  4. True Metal says:

    Posting European metal that is much better and has much more to do with European tradition, both musically (the melody is a well-known salterello for you uncultured boors) and thematically.

  5. fuck this says:

    Dawwww, someone challenged some ideas that I’ve been indoctrinated to believe, now I’m gonna be butthurt and go cry like a little bitch.

  6. fuck you says:

    >someone challenged some ideas that I’ve been indoctrinated to believe

    Yeah dude, because the core of modern biology is “just a theory”, or worse, a religion you “don’t believe in”. Might as well categorically reject math too, you fuckwit. Then again, knowing the mental aptitude of these dipshits, math class probably rejected them.

    Please kill yourself and eliminate your defective alleles from the gene pool.

  7. Logic please says:

    Asking someone to kill themselves for any reason is probably not going to work.

  8. White cum of Wotan says:

    Yeah, nice man purse! I agree with fuck this, it’s a Pagan version of creationism…

  9. Vajazzle Prosack says:

    OK, emos:

    He denies Darwinism in this interview.

    No chatter about that?

  10. fuck this says:

    That’s what I was talking about!