Isten zine compilation Isten Fanzine: Don’t Break the Ghost released December 12, 2014


Svart Records will release a compilation of Isten zine from 1984-2014 on December 12, 2014. Entitled Isten Fanzine: Don’t Break the Ghost, the anthology will be published in hardcover and contain 800 pages of all things published and unpublished by Isten during those years.

Isten creator Mikko Mattila, who began the zine in his hometown of Tampere, Finland three decades ago, said, “Isten has always been characterized by murkiness and a lingering quality. Indeed, it took us nearly five years to do this anthology. It truly is a treasure chest, a time machine, and an open grave.”

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8 thoughts on “Isten zine compilation Isten Fanzine: Don’t Break the Ghost released December 12, 2014”

  1. Pony Tail Gunner says:

    anybody remembers that great Australian black metal band called VILKATES ? And that other band Surrender of Divinity boy those are two bands we shouldn’t forget.

    1. trystero says:

      Dont know Surrender of Divinity but definitely remember Vilkates. It wasnt terrible stuff but it isnt that good unfortunately. There used to be an old DLA review of Vilkates I believe, long gone now along with another decent Aussie band; Urgrund. The first Urgrund demo is worth listening to.

      1. Lord Mosher says:

        Yeah. Sadly, I feel like older versions of the Anus were ten thousand time better than
        Many reviews and cool stuff are gone and you can’t even access those through Google Advanced search anymore.
        quote what Prozak wrote about Vilkates in 2002:
        “An upcoming European contender for the excessive and demonstrative form of black metal known for both its violence and good nature. “

        1. Richard Head says:

          Huh, I knew the Merfcyful Fate reviews and a handful of others were lost but I didn’t know how many. What a shame. Hint, hint, Mr. Stevens.

        2. They’ll be back but we are shortstaffed at the moment.

          1. kvlt attakker says:

            I volunteer to help.

            Whatcha need done, mate?

    2. trystero says:

      >.> I just double checked cause it seemed wrong, Vilkates isnt Aussie…

  2. tiny midget says:

    anybody remembers that obscure band that only a select kvlt group knows about? i think it’s called
    iron maiden?

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