Kirk Hammett Admits Metallica Tried to Be Grunge

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett admitted that Metallica’s sell-out hard rock self-titled “Black Album” was inspired by Soundgarden.

The grunge inspiration behind Metallica’s first step into butt rock is evident to anyone that ever heard snippets of Metallica on the radio or MTV. Kirk Hammett confessed that “Enter Sandman” was inspired by Soundgarden’s Louder Than Love. This is an admission by Kurt that he was probably never a Hessian and probably listened to rock music most of the time even back in the 80s as half of his solos on Master of Puppets hinted at.

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8 thoughts on “Kirk Hammett Admits Metallica Tried to Be Grunge”

  1. Sunnportal says:

    I wish they did try grunge. Would’ve had better results.

  2. PARABELLUM says:

    they lost their anal virginity with “Escape”

  3. Falsehammer says:

    I wonder if he shits on himself every time he moves, because of loose asshole syndrome.

  4. Dispirited says:

    Maybe the Black Album is sell-out Hard Rock for the masses, but you must be a retard to hear any grunge in it. Kirk is talking about a specific sequence of notes at the start of Enter Sandman which is inspired by the main riff from the song Loud Love. And I can’t believe the nerve you have to say the solos on Puppets are “rock” instead of Metal.

    You should first remove your website’s advertisement for fucking Noel Gallagher, then you can open your mouth.

    1. I'm black says:

      Noel Gallagher is a fucking genius you twat slime

      1. Dispirited says:

        all you bloody twats are butthurt that Hammett tweeted against your beloved moronic hero of a fart, in fact D. Trump, then you’re happy to find the chance to say something bad about him. There’s loads of bad things you could say about this guy, like his overreliance on wah pedals to disguise his lack of creativity in the solo department for the past 20 years, his questionable fashion choices, or just the fact that he’s in a band with Lars Ulrich, but this piece just shows that the writers on this website are whiny little bitches. If Varg said the Black Album was a masterpiece of Metal music then they would not shit on it, just as they would not shit on Somwhere in Time (and in fact put it in an “Essential Listening List” of some kind) even if it’s only an okay album and Maiden has made better records before and even after.

        1. PARABELLUM says:

          lost their anals with “2 Minutes to Midnight”

  5. Covfefe says:

    Why this band even gets a rise out of Metalheads nowadays is beyond me. I mean c’mon, let’s come to terms with the fact that Metal to them was just a phase that they went through when they were young, over 30 years ago now.

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