Master’s Hammer – “Ve věži ticha” (In the Tower of Silence)

Czech black metal legends Master’s Hammer released a new track on Youtube recently.

“Ve věži ticha” (translated as In The Tower Of Silence by the band) is a repetitive boring affair with breakdown choruses in Czech and generic riffs. This is metalcore for a lowest common denominator festival audience. The structure of the track is verse chorus verse and yes the choruses are breakdowns just like metalcore. This is a phone in affair for funderground fans to mosh to and for Master’s Hammer to sell reissues of their demos, Ritual, and The Jilemnice Occultist to later just like all such phoned-in, rehashed and dumbed down into rock music efforts.

The only aspects of this Hessians will be interested in is the leads and some of the keyboard work, which Master’s Hammer pioneered in black metal. Other keyboard work is awfully off key and quite cringey. Master’s Hammer could salvage certain elements of this phoned-in effort, id est the leads and keyboards, into an adequate speed or black metal track if they would bother to take the time and effort to so so. However, Master’s Hammer have not for the time so “Ve věži ticha” is just a Youtube curiosity to listen to once and mock. Hessians would do best to keep listening to Master’s Hammer’s demos and Ritual rather than waste their precious time with this.

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6 thoughts on “Master’s Hammer – “Ve věži ticha” (In the Tower of Silence)”

  1. neutronhammer says:

    Will DMU ever do those troll interviews of Deahthcore bands, I think it’ll help break the montony somewhat and idiots with facial piercings are always good for a chuckle.

    1. Victor Van Varg says:

      I hope so.

  2. Ghoulish Haver of Thai Toilet Spycam Porn says:

    how they all dress like a neckbeard’s idea of 17th centuries “self-styled dandies” now tells you everything you need to know

  3. Barf Blower McGurniky says:

    FUCK I HATE those fucking cheesy “ponderously emotional” leads that sound like fucking nu-metal, every fucking band is doing it now. Other than that this sounds like Masters Hammer, honestly I’m a demos and Ritual guy like any sane person should be, I like that stupid third album they put out as bad party music. Wait a minute this song is dumb ass hell, nevermind.

  4. 2017 (another bad year for metal) says:

    This band was always kind of shitty. The 2nd album sounds like Cradle of Filth playing death n roll.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Listen to their first album Ritual, it’s easily the best album from Master’s Hammer. Their demos before the first album are also killer. I wasn’t too impressed with their second album, Jimenince Occultist, neither.

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