Messe des Morts Returns

The annual Canadian black metal festival Messe des Morts is being held this year despite last year’s edition of the festival being shutdown by communists, anti-fascists and social justice warriors supported by the Montreal police as nationalist bands Graveland and Forteresse were booked to play. The 2017 edition will be held on November 23rd through 25th in Montreal according to the released flyer. Hopefully Messe des Morts will fight back against the leftist manlets this time around.

Yes, antifascists are usually of below average stature. Since all men are not born with equal potential for exceptional anthropometry, communists want to dilute everyone down into mediocrity. They want to genetically engineer all modern human males to be about 5’7″ with potbellies and all women to be chunky, pear shaped, and 5’2″. Communists want slight fat upper pubic areas for everyone. Everyone should have mediocre skin, no Charles Bukowski scarring but adult acne will be universal in a true socialist workers paradise where benzyl peroxide is a bourgeois luxury. They are dead serious about mediocrity for all. For metal, communists want to seize every Bolt Thrower and Darkthrone record as testaments created by once exceptional minds. They will replace those ones from with Benediction and later Napalm Death. The Communists will burn every copy of Ride the Lightning and Rust in Peace and replace them with Testament with all of the guitar candy edited out. Such showmanship is too capitalistic for them.

From the Facebook page of Messe des Morts:

Avant de partir pour la tournée de Monarque, une annonce que beaucoup attendaient, plus de détails au retour début juillet…
Before leaving for the Monarque tour, here’s an announcement many were waiting for, more details on the way back in early July…

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5 thoughts on “Messe des Morts Returns”

  1. Charles says:

    I remember when conservatives were having metal shows shut down. They’re all the same. Actually i remember reading about how conservatives were the bad guys just a couple of years ago on this very site. Now the left are the bad guys. So you think the right is supporting black metal festivals? You think those bible quoting hicks support our black metal festivals here in Montreal? Fuck no.

    1. Conservatives shut down shows they thought were anti-Christian, and those people were idiots too. Conservatism is not conservatives; it is an ideal that is closer to realistic than Leftism is. That does not mean that every conservative is not an idiot, or that mainstream conservatism will suffer a better fate than the Salisbury Steak did when McDonald’s got ahold of it.

  2. Cornrose says:

    Yeah chuck, I believe you might be referring to the Christian Right.

  3. SoulRape says:

    Graveland should headline this fest again

    1. HessianMurdererOfBlackDeath says:

      Rob Darken is a credit to his ethnicity. He proves that the Slavs are our friends, because they can hold a similar spirit.

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