Metalcore finally admits what it is: a grab bag of random parts

by Brett Stevens
June 6, 2013 –

Bassist Craig Horky describes Cavalcade as “self-indulgent music nerds playing Cure-influenced, Fugazi-meets-Black Sabbath bastardization … in three different tunings — with black metal vocals.” Last year, the band even worked out an ‘80s dark New Wave cover set — not a typical move from a gang of headbangers. – Heavy Meta

Modern metal bands like to pretend they’re metal, but really they’re not. Like everything else in this society, they’re a bin of odds and ends because people are afraid of offending someone by leaving something out. The result is a total lack of direction, and this is why fans of modern metal are so adamant that their music is metal. If you point out that they’re listening to a musical garbage plate, it invalidates their whole worldview, which is to not pick a clear direction, to never take a stand, and to never find anything in life worth dying for. That would interrupt their all-important quest for personal authority, wealth and social relevance.

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  • Parasite

    “Like everything else in this society, they’re a bin of odds and ends because people are afraid of offending someone by leaving something out”

    There is nothing worse than this. I don’t know how many times I have heard some nerd describing stupid bands like this as “cool and different and original” and that if you don’t like it your probably a very serious person who doesn’t like to have fun. No, it’s because why the fuck would I want to hear someone screaming BM style vocals over ” I Ran(So Far Away)”.

  • Concerned Citizen

    This part of that interview was the most cringe worthy:

    Urabazzo: When people ask me what Cavalcade sounds like I usually tell them, ‘It’s metal, but not really metal.’ If you listen to the bass, drums and one of the guitars, they’re all playing what could sound to be a different song — and not necessarily what one would consider a metal song. The vocals and the second guitarist bring the heavy metal feel to the music. (If they’re still confused), I tell them it’s like stoner metal.

  • shoko asahara

    “Then one day, Zak put up a Myspace post requesting a “fashion-grind” band to sing for. ”

    Kalki will come and wipe out metalcore along with the rest of us.

    1. Lord Mosher of the Solitary Pit

      Prozak once said that great Metal would sound as great no
      matter which instruments were used. I’d like to prove that
      right by sharing this video, it’s a beautiful cover of Iron Maiden’s
      The Trooper, played by various string instruments. Play close
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  • AsinineUsername

    I’ll only take this post seriously when this sites userbase actually defines what “metalcore” means (Starkweather, Gaza & Integrity or post-2000 faux-Gothenburg shit?).

    1. Brett Stevens Post author

      Metalcore means anything using metal riffs that’s based on the circus music principle of trying to distract the listener rather than draw them into an ongoing thematic development, conflict and resolution.