#metalgate: Nyogthaeblisz Attempts Undercover Gigs

Politically incorrect Texan black metal band Nyogthaeblisz attempted to play undercover gigs in Philadelphia and New York last weekend.

Last week, Nyogthaeblisz were targeted by Washington, DC area poseurs who wanted to earn social capital through censoring a mediocre to say the least black metal band with controversial anti-Abrahamic religion lyrics. Nyogthaeblisz were kicked off a Gaithersburg, Maryland show and prevented from taking the stage in Philadelphia and New York under their own name. The band used the name of their side-proejct, Hellvetron, to get a few tracks off in Philadelphia and New York. Both gigs were halted prematurely, the Philadelphia due to the owner being uncomfortable with another band’s self-cutting stage show.

Hopefully after the smoke from the Charlottesville, Virginia confrontation between the Alt-Right and anti-fascists blows over, Nyogthaeblisz will be free to play their mediocre black metal whereever they can get booked. Not that they are worth paying money to go see as they are totally unexceptional except for pissing off uptight leftists.

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3 thoughts on “#metalgate: Nyogthaeblisz Attempts Undercover Gigs”

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    If willing it would be a good move to start using archive.org instead of direct links to websites that don’t deserve clicks or money

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Why is this such of an ‘event’, given this music? Does someone seriously believe this is a movement on the verge of conquering the world to erect a kingdom of blasphemous evil which can only be stopped by utmost exertion of the smartphone-operating skills of all good natured people in Washington DC and closeby locations?

    Can’t we have some artistic selection here?

    Semi-random[*] ‘war metal’ (seems to be an ill-defined term) link:


    [*] Not at all, actually. If N12z deserves such an outburts of attention, this one does certainly, too.

  3. neutronhammer says:

    I’m amazed people actually like this band. I won’t be surprised if it is the same crowd that claims to have grown out of Metal and now listen to neoclassical-post whatever the fuck.
    I know it doesn’t bear repeating, but bands like Nyog are in essence no different from the indie queercore pseudometal that the likes of Noisey and Decibel champion

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