#Metalgate: Nyogthaeblisz Excluded From Maryland Show For “Racism”

Washington, DC area crust punk and metalcore scenesters decided that anti-religious Texan black metal band Nyogthaeblisz were racist and got their show at Gaithersburg, Maryland tattoo parlor Raw Ink canceled according to the Washington City Paper and moved to a Philadelphia bar hours away.

Raw Ink owner Bobby Weschler explained the logic behind the crustfunds’ conclusion that the Mexican-American band is racist:

“There’s a fine line that I’m dancing on here, Being against religion as a whole is one thing, but when you get into … anti-Semitism, that’s kind of a race—that’s why we can’t have that here.”

While religious tolerance has never been a strong suit of metal bands, Washington DC social justice warriors (and service workers) have decided that Nyogthaeblisz’s sometimes anti-Semitic lyrics (Nyogthaeblisz is vehemently opposed to all Abrahamic religions) were just a little too “racist” for a sub-genre whose founders torched medieval churches and claimed to play “Norsk Arisk Black Metal“. For supposed atheists, these poseur communists sure do hold Judaism and Islam as holier cows than Christianity. Are Christians and Muslims races in their minds too as their practitioners can be born into them or are they simply too popular of religions? What about smaller groups like the Sikhs and the Alawites? Do they get their own races according to Washington, DC area punk rock scenesters?

One of these scenesters, “Metal Chris” of DCHeavyMetal.com,was quoted by Washingtonian:

“It pissed me off. I do a lot for promoting metal and DIY scenes, and to have racist bands take advantage of that is offensive to me.”

To Chris, racism is the most grave sin of all due to recent events in the news. Not murder, not theft, just racism. Metal Chris doesn’t care that Bobby Weschler could easily be Jewish and simply might not have wanted to host Nyogthaeblisz in his own place of business upon being told of their antisemitic lyrics. Those might go against his own personal religious beliefs, perhaps present a fear of losing business, or maybe just a chance he didn’t want to take the chance of antifa showing up with some baseball bats to wreck his shop.

Chris and his social justice warrior friends of course do not like black metal or actually care about Weschler’s religious beliefs and livelihood. They probably do not care about Jews unless they are Jewish themselves; like typical socialists, they probably detest Zionism, probably call Israel a racist state built upon ethnic cleansing, and probably wish all Jews would abandon their ancestral beliefs to become poseur Bolshevik communal squatters. Metal Chris and his buddies probably think Judaism will be next after they smash Christian sexual superstition and the patriarchy through their typically disgusting protest actions such as going on shower strikes to magically make it rain more to alleviate droughts that are racist as they are only happening in a certain part of the world. Even more extreme obscenities such as publicly sodomizing blowup dolls of the founding fathers of the United States would not be out of the question for such attention whores not so far removed from the New York University Mattress Girl.

Metal Chris and his special snowflake posse really just wanted to shutdown a Hispanic black metal show to virtue signal to their idiotic friends. These self-proclaimed social justice warriors are trying to suppress art created by ethnic minorities in an attempt to publicly prove that they are “not racist” for social capital. Socialists striving for both social capital and equality by oppressing minorities. When idiots like this want to seize political power are they going to falsify a new Doctor’s Plot to try to send everyone they dislike on a permanent holiday in Cambodia?

DCHeavyMetal.com also noticeably attempts damnatio memoriae on two of the few notable underground bands from the Washington, DC area who just happen to share a member who I presume is Argentine: Arghoslent and Grand Belial’s Key. Metal Chris left only Deceased on DCHeavyMetal.com’s sidebar with a bunch of stoner rock and metalcore bands. Chris putting his hands over his eyes and tucking his head in between his cargo-shorted thighs will not put Arghoslent and Grand Belial’s Key on helicopter flights out to sea.


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14 thoughts on “#Metalgate: Nyogthaeblisz Excluded From Maryland Show For “Racism””

  1. 1917 or die says:

    Hey, RAC shows don’t hire anarcho-punk bands, leftie shows don’t hire fascist bands… where is the fuckin problem then ?

    1. S.C. says:

      The problem is these promoters are under the guise of true metal vanguards, when the reality is true metal is quite literally the last thing they care about.

  2. Crispy Rice is $1.50 says:

    One problem was that the promoter informed the venue of Nyogthaeblisz’s inclusion only a night or two before the show was meant to play. Seemingly, the promoter knew it could have been problematic to include the band. Being kicked out afterall, perhaps the touring group simply should have from the start sought out a better venue in the damn NoVa/DC Area.
    Speaking with the owner, I was told that he could have allowed the band through both if he knew of their inclusion sooner and had the Charlottesville bullshit not happened a week prior. Also, he runs a tattoo shop, not an exclusive music venue, so…business is business?
    They are not strictly a leftie show spot — timing was unfortunate, and a man (Jew?) refused a potentially negative investment. Judging by the cheer and praise on Raw Ink’s fb comments, he made the better financial choice.

  3. Flying Kites says:

    Google translate has Fenriz speaking Haitian Creole. The best it could do pointing it to Norwegian was “severally Norwegian.”

  4. Morbideathscream says:

    It’s the DC Maryland area. Should this surprise anyone? It’s full of sjw dumbasses like Shawn Wright.

    1. GutFuck says:

      Maryland native here, can confirm. Can’t even drive around my hometown without seeing “FCKH8” sticker plastered on every lamp post and bumper

      1. Morbideathscream says:

        I went to the mdf pre-fest show at the ottobar in 2016 to see Absu and Profanatica and remember seeing a sign hanging up on the wall inside stating that this is a safe space and a statement at the bottom saying saying if you feel harrassed due to race, sex or sexual preference to report them immediately. I just laughed when I read that. What a fucking joke.

  5. GutFuck says:

    This is absurd. What’s next? Banning bands from playing just for being white? Fuck these SJW scumbags.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Soon it will be illegal to be white. Why do think groups like BLM and antifa have free reign? They serve the global elites agenda. Stalin called them useful idiots. Hell, George Soros funds both those groups, that should tell you right there. Cases like Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown are proof that you can’t defend yourself against a negroid without facing persecution and prosecution. Had that dude in Charlottesville been dragged out of his car and beaten to death by antifa and BLM members the media would not have reported it. Antifa and BLM can literally beat your skull in with a baseball bat and it will still be called a peaceful protest. White genocide is their goal.

  6. Rainer Weikusat says:

    This story continued for a little: The band was booked into a different venue. ‘Helpful activists’ got it cancelled there, to,


    Finally, the two members of Nyogthaeblisz played a part of a free show in another bar using the name of one of their less politically-loaded other projects. They then got thrown out ‘after one set’ because the manager was ‘sickened’ by ‘real blood’ running down the band members arms during the performance,


    Quoting this guy himself: “I don’t need any goofy shit.”

    1. FOAD19 says:

      I was at this show. Hellgoat opened was actually the band that cut themselvees. The bar didn’t throw anyone out. He had to end the show because it was 1:30 AM at that point and they were literally closing. He turned on the lights and allowed the band to play one last song. That article is literally a guy trying to cover his own ass.

      1. gg says:

        “I don’t need any goofy shit.”

        See, even thought I would be disappointed, this is actually a good, respectful and understandable reason to ban a band from your bar that I can’t really argue with.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Why do you think so?

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