Misfits – Earth A.D.


The average person likely thinks of punk music as associated with the anarchist punks interested in politics which are the prevailing stereotype of the genre. He may also consider the pacifistic music emanating from the pop punk style. It is rarer to find someone who mentions the ugly, mythology-drenched anthem to horror present in the legendary Earth A.D from the Misfits.

Punk music was already in the midst of a paradigm shift set in motion most notably by Discharge from the UK who introduced a more violent and apocalyptic sound and lyrical path. When other punk bands wrote about the injustices of politicians, Misfits took a much more morbid route, injecting the destructive spirit of Discharge and wrote lyrics about horror movies, demons, and murder. The result is a dark and churning offering of horror punk, a style pioneered by the Misfits themselves which verges close to the metal sense of a mythological view of history as a means of interpreting the personal.

Though still relatively footed in rock music, Earth A.D. is most definitely the Misfits album with the most prevalent metal influence: pulsing rhythms carried under the wings of the riffs that flail in constant motion. Bracing levels of distortion and dissonant tones make this album both memorable through its hooks and blistering in its impact. Where most punk wanted to sound like a protest calling for pity, Earth A.D. delivers a short, biting, and menacing experience from an era that would change music forever.


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10 thoughts on “Misfits – Earth A.D.

  1. No comments for a true classic, fuck off recent metal fans.

    1. Not That Old says:

      No comments for this irony, fuck off.

      1. veien says:

        Every last one of you can fuck off as far as I’m concerned (i.e. old, young, gay, straight, aryan or soul-brother). I don’t even like Misfits that much but I respect them as honourable mention cause their heads were in the right place. And by the way if you thought there was gonna be a fight, well you can bet your life there will be .. .

        1. Not That Old says:

          I think you didn’t understood, I was refrering to the irony that he commented that he has no comments. I accidentally wrote “fuck off”, I was trying to imitate his comment (fuck off [something]), but I didn’t found anything to send to fuck off, and I accidentally forgot to delete the “fuck off”. Anyway, I like Misits.

          1. veien says:

            I totally didn’t mean that to be directed at you. Actually you’re one of the few people left I still got any respect for.

  2. -=U=- says:

    Awesome album. -.-

  3. Not That Old says:

    The cover art remembers me Napalm Death’s “Scum”.

    1. veien says:

      That much is for sure. But the first Napalm Death cover is actually by Jeff Walker of CARCASS no?


    Hey Brett:
    Is this album Thrash like D.R.I. or simply hardcore ?
    How can you tell the difference ?

    1. Hardcore. Thrash has a different approach to song structure, shorter songs and faster riffs, different drums.

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