Obscure Oracle sneak previews “Pray for Nothing”


Texas heavy metal band Obscure Oracle has released its latest work, a track which takes us back to both the early 1980s and its grandiose power metal, and an improved version of the melodic death metal of the mid-90s. “Pray for Nothing” features 1980s style choruses with less repetitive verses than bands of that nature would use, sliding into melodic guitar riffing that would have At the Gates envious, but used sparingly like an Iron Maiden/Judas Priest era band would have used. This track foreshadows great things to come from this original Texan band! Because it is a sneak preview, you cannot hear the track at this time, but you can catch the band live just a few months ago:

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2 thoughts on “Obscure Oracle sneak previews “Pray for Nothing””

  1. vOddy says:

    It’s hard to make out all of the details in the music from that low quality video, but what I could hear displayed promise.
    My initial thoughts are:
    Why would I listen to shitty metalcore when I can listen to this?
    My 15 year old self who was just getting in to metal would have loved to hear this, instead of having to dick around with Trivium and shit.

    My current self will also keep an eye on this band.

  2. mike says:

    I can tell you with absolute certanty that this band is the real deal. They fuggin rock out straight molten lead…or aka..hot heavy metal!!!

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