Origin of Feces podcast features Imprecation

origin_of_the_feces-radio_showNotorious multi-national underground metal revival radio show podcast Origin of Feces has launched a new episode featuring a retrospective of the career of Texan occult death metallers Imprecation.

Combining classic death metal and black metal with slapstick humor and mockery of the metal world and the world at large beyond it, Origin of Feces is an attempt to return metal to its more vital days gone by.

DJs Alligator and Tesla run through several classics, including the origins of death metal itself, before battering their way into a block of Imprecation tracks from the past and present works of the band. Expect random commentary and true death metal dedication on this show.


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2 thoughts on “Origin of Feces podcast features Imprecation”

  1. DJAlligator says:

    Many thanks to Brett Stevens and staff of DeathMetal.org for the honourable advancement above. You remain some of our prime inspiration for the show.

    If anyone has issues with our download link, please note that you can listen to our podcast at http://www.podcasts.com/origin-of-feces-fb98d4477/ or watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DM71wboNyk

    Cheers, and thanks again.

    1. Yommi Chu says:

      Hi. How come you don’t have anything from the oldest running Texan death metal band SEVERANCE? These guys have been serious contenders to the death metal throne.

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