Disentomb – Misery

October 31, 2014 –

Contemporary brutal death metal fills its world with feces and dismembered women in lieu of content. While that repugnant stench has kept the critical listeners away, the less-discerning still inhale the fumes, but now a band from Australia threatens to unite the audiences on a newer and more advanced form of the genre. Attempting to…

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Cuff – “Spastic Craniotomy” from Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere

As mentioned in our review of Cuff Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere, this Canadian two-piece tries to combine the extreme aggression of Deeds of Flesh style technical gore-grind with the musical experimentation of later Cryptopsy. The band creates sci-fi themed albums with catchy, energetic and mind-abradingly simple riffs in droning brutal arrangements. In an attempt…

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Cuff – Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere

Joining the crowded field of late model death metal that tries to tie together the influences of the last decade of chaotic metal hybrids, Cuff introduces a style that aims for a hybrid of Cryptopsy-styled brutal death metal and recent West Coast brutal death/tech-death/gore-grind hybrids like Deeds of Flesh. This album delivers basic linear riffs…

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National Cat Day playlist

October 29, 2014 –

According to my calendar, October 29 is National Cat Day, or a day for celebration of all things feline. As mentioned in earlier posts, metalheads love their kitties and bands have been known to put their felines before careers. In the spirit of this holiday, here are some songs that while not kitty-themed, at least…

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What “we” should do is nothing

October 22, 2014 –

‘ Currently the gaming world struggles with something called “GamerGate,” which involves two groups of fans. There are those who want gaming to be more socially responsible, and those who want it to be more like 4chan. Sound familiar? Some thing we should create the same division in metal: Heavy metal fans have been targets…

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Neverlake (2013)

October 19, 2014 –

Neverlake attempts the holy grail of postmodern horror film: to unite the supernatural and the modern into a single narrative where one reveals the other. Despite focusing perhaps too much on “atmosphere” at the beginning of the story, the movie creates compelling supernatural narrative within a very modern plot. The plot centers on a young…

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Death Metal Zombies (1995)

October 18, 2014 –

Death Metal Zombies Horrorscope Productions, 1995. 90 minutes. Unrated Those of the death metal persuasion tend to value content over surface. This idea emerges from the basic thought of metal: beauty in darkness through structure, social appearance be damned. As such, the death metal audience tends to ignore the differences that millions of dollars of…

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Sadistic Metal Reviews 10-18-14

What are Sadistic Metal Reviews? As you lie on your deathbed and look over life, you will divide everything you know into things you will miss and things you have forgotten already. Some metal is worth remembering, but the vast majority is just background noise. We hail the former and smite the latter, salting their…

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Kraftwerk nominated for Rock and Roll hall of fame

October 17, 2014 –

Electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk, whose work along with Tangerine Dream and Dead Can Dance influenced all of black metal, have received a nomination from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to finally be recognized by the semi-official industry group. Kraftwerk burst into electronic music in a time before the personal computer or the programmable…

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Organic (formerly Organic Infest) release new material

October 13, 2014 –

Puerto Rican death metal band Organic Infest took a new direction with new members and became Organic, which has re-issued its discography and recently unleashed a new track, “The Holocaust,” which shows the direction the band will take upcoming recordings. As usual defying the conventional method and trends alike, Organic features a drummer, a bassist…

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