Death Metal Zombies (1995)

October 18, 2014 –

Death Metal Zombies Horrorscope Productions, 1995. 90 minutes. Unrated Those of the death metal persuasion tend to value content over surface. This idea emerges from the basic thought of metal: beauty in darkness through structure, social appearance be damned. As such, the death metal audience tends to ignore the differences that millions of dollars of…

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Sadistic Metal Reviews 10-18-14

What are Sadistic Metal Reviews? As you lie on your deathbed and look over life, you will divide everything you know into things you will miss and things you have forgotten already. Some metal is worth remembering, but the vast majority is just background noise. We hail the former and smite the latter, salting their…

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Kraftwerk nominated for Rock and Roll hall of fame

October 17, 2014 –

Electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk, whose work along with Tangerine Dream and Dead Can Dance influenced all of black metal, have received a nomination from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to finally be recognized by the semi-official industry group. Kraftwerk burst into electronic music in a time before the personal computer or the programmable…

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Organic (formerly Organic Infest) release new material

October 13, 2014 –

Puerto Rican death metal band Organic Infest took a new direction with new members and became Organic, which has re-issued its discography and recently unleashed a new track, “The Holocaust,” which shows the direction the band will take upcoming recordings. As usual defying the conventional method and trends alike, Organic features a drummer, a bassist…

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Summoning at work on new material

Flowing black metal band Summoning have issued the following update: After having turned our attention on different things during the first half of this year, we are back to concentrate on summoning again. There are already some new riff composed and rearrangements have been done of songs from the O.M.D session. Protector also started to…

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Soulburn unleashes “Under the Rise of a Red Moon” from upcoming The Suffocating Darkness

Dutch underground metal band Soulburn — formed from the ashes of Asphyx and related acts — carries on in a new direction with new track “Under the Rise of a Red Moon” released in advance of forthcoming November release The Suffocating Darkness. This track shows more of a black metal vibe and trope to this…

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Sadistic Metal Reviews 10-13-14

What are Sadistic Metal Reviews? The first metal album that you really connect with should be a magic experience, one that transforms your life. But a large group of people want you to apply that same feeling to their album so they can take your money, but their music is mediocre. SMR is the dividing…

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Nunslaughter – Angelic Dread

October 10, 2014 –

This band have been around for over 400 years and have made the same album over 75 times, but each time it is good for a simple reason: this band know what they are aiming for and carefully edit their songs to make sure all parts fit together into a smooth musical experience. While it…

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Metal Music Coin launches first heavy metal virtual currency

October 9, 2014 –

Starting with BitCoin, virtual currencies or crypto-currencies have changed the face of economics as well as the purchasing ability of the ordinary citizen. Unlike normal currency, which is backed by perceived value of assets, crypto-currencies make themselves rare by requiring cryptographic computation to generate the currency. Much as gold or a national economy is a…

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Ripper – Raising the Corpse

From the fertile grounds of the 1980s came many styles in the hybrid of death metal and speed metal. Many of these used death metal as a means of streamlining the more varied techniques of speed metal, producing songs with more internal rhythmic consistency and streamlined effect. Others pursued a more melodic direction and made…

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