The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)

February 12, 2015 –

The best horror films combine all of the elements of a good tale with a dark journey — violence, terror, suspense, quasi-supernaturalism, a lone protagonist — and balance them so that variety coexists with a clear narrative. The Town That Dreaded Sundown creates a compelling tale in which the horror is a feeling of helplessness…

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1990s “Satanic panic” videos show same attitude as #metalgate hipsters

February 11, 2015 –

Back in the 1980s, many panics gripped the land. People knew on a subconscious level that their society was falling apart, but could not find the source of the decay. They started blaming traditional scapegoats, like Satan, Jews, Nazis, atheists, pedophiles, drugs, sex and rock music. It takes society a decade or more to respond…

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Media “autoerotic circle” confirms own bias against metal

We are all familiar with the term: a group of males in a circle, each masturbating, with the collective approval of the act protecting the individual from criticism by others. In theory, this act originated in the days when masturbation was taboo and boys wanted to ensure that others would not inform on them, so…

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Deathgasm metal-themed horror film sees release

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Adorned with the tagline “Produced by Metalheads,” death metal themed horror film Deathgasm will be showing at this year’s SXSW festival. The filmmakers have released a trailer which shows scenes from the film and their approach to horror movie making. Deathgasm film official website

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Tau Cross forms with Voivod, Amebix members

Members of Amebix and Voivod have joined with other experienced underground musicians to launch Tau Cross, a new project already signed to Relapse Records and planning to release its debut album in 2015. Recorded in three different countries over several months in 2014, the Tau Cross album will see release in spring. According to the…

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Gorguts re-issues Obscura and From Wisdom to Hate on Century Media

Death metal band turned prog-core act Gorguts has re-issued the latter two albums from its classic period, Gorguts and From Wisdom to Hate, on industry powerhouse Century Media Records. The re-issues — on jewelcase CD, 2LP and limited edition 2LP — will be available in pre-order starting March 9, 2015. Says guitarist/composer Luc Lemay: “I’m…

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Vader to re-issue early demos “Morbid Reich,” “Necrolust” and “Live in Decay”

February 9, 2015 –

Ripping death metal band Vader, who gained stature in the field of Morbid Angel/Slayer-influenced fast tremolo death metal, plan to re-issue three early demos on CD, cassette and LP via Witching Hour Records starting on April 3, 2015. The three demos — “Live in Decay” (1986), “Necrolust” (1989), adn “Morbid Reich” (1990) — will see…

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Carbonized – For the Security re-issue

Vic Records plans to issue the first album from Stockholm death/grind experimentalists Carbonized, For the Security. The album will be re-issued on LP and CD on Vic Records, early 2015 including its original artwork, liner notes from Christoffer Johansson (Therion) and Piotr Wawrzeniuk (Therion) and two bonus tracks. Carbonized was formed in 1988 by Lars…

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Desecresy – Arches of Entropy

February 8, 2015 –

Unlike many bands, Desecresy — the product of experienced musicians a decade after their first entry into the scene — formed with a full concept that manifests on the first album as a slow form of death metal. Peeling back the layers, influences can be seen at many levels here, but the most prominent are…

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Perdition Temple – The Tempter’s Victorious

February 6, 2015 –

Perdition Temple’s sophomore album is one of riffs written and dispersed as discrete packages. These are sewn together into short, explosive bundles extremely dense in content but not always boasting the smoothest of transitions. Often the tonal shift between adjoining bars is far too drastic to convey any sense of uniform texture, giving the impression…

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