Pale Existence posts “Dark Tranquility” demo (1994)


San Jose underground metal band Pale Existence has posted its 1994 demo, “Dark Tranquility,” for those who missed the original tape to hear. Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, it shows influences from death metal, grindcore, the nascent black metal scene and doom metal, all without sabotaging any one of those by trivializing it, instead blending them into a unified voice.

1. Dismal Paths
2. Dark Tranquility
3. Sickness
4 Impure
5. Subconscious Weeping
6. Visions of the Disconsolate

Mark Smith – vocals
Lorin Ashton – guitar and vocals
Bud Burke – guitar and vocals
Brian Glover – drums and vocals
Steve Cefala – fretless bass

Recorded by Brett Tyson at Studio B in Campbell on January 29 and February 3, 1994.

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8 thoughts on “Pale Existence posts “Dark Tranquility” demo (1994)”

  1. Judgement says:

    That was amazing, and the brief review is spot-on.

  2. steve says:

    We played a show with Kataklysm/Incantation/Exhumed/Abcess in 1996 in SF. and also when they opened for Vader in SF around 06 and they were not really all that great either time I saw them. When they opened for Vader they went on and on playing for like an hour and a half while their fans yelled for them to play yet even more songs. By the time Vader came onstage it was 1am on a Wednesday morning and most people had left because they had to work the next day . Vader and the crowd all seemed tired and Vader apologized for Kataklsm. Also your screen name Brown Asshole Shooting Logs does not encourage one to follow your listening advice.


      Oh, ok sorry. You are a sissy.

    2. Concerned Citizen says:

      Was it this show? (it says 1995 in the video but it’s from SF):

      When I saw Vader in 2001, Peter (or Piotr) would ramble on for 2 minutes before each song about “this book, that book”. Someone in the audience yelled “shut up and play metal!”, but he kept on rambling to the audience. It was 1 am, but instead of Incantation I had to sit through Diecast, Origin, Impaled and Catastrophic (the band with the Pyrexia guys and Trevor Peres from Obituary). There were other bands but its been a long time.

      Thanks for posting all these demos, especially after such a long time. Most musicians from then, if they are still around, seem to wish to forget their early albums and tape trading demo days…


    Wait. You come to a website that basically takes Goatse as a patron anti-saint, and complain about “brown assholes shooting logs”? Who ARE you people?

    No Love,
    Thomas Ligotti’s Malignantly Useless Colostomy Bag

  4. Richard Head says:

    Never heard these guys, this stuff is intense! Unfortunately physical copies of this demo seem impossible to get ahold of, so I’ll be searching for a digital version. Will return and share if successful.

    1. Richard Head says:

      Was able to find one cassette on discogs, not cheap either. Hopefully I can get it uploaded before long; will report back when I have done so.

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