Plants flourish under heavy metal more than other genres

heavy_metal_good_for_plantsA horticultural student wanted to find out about the effects of music on the growth of plants, so they were tested with classical music, silence, Cliff Richard and Black Sabbath. The plants hearing Black Sabbath thrived and surprisingly, were also the most disease-resistant.

“And the ones with Black Sabbath – great big, thumping noise, rowdy music – they were the shortest, but they had the best flowers and the best resistance to pest and disease,” said garden guru Chris Beardshaw.

According to the researchers, the plants were subjected to high-intensity sound for the duration of their lives in the nursery. “It was alstroemerias we were growing and we bombarded these glasshouses with sound for the life of the plant,” said Beardshaw. Of the types of music, Black Sabbath produced the biggest flowers, and those plants exposed to Cliff Richard died.

This is no surprise to metal fans, who note that metal has some of the greatest depth of mood and power in all of music, mainly because most music focuses on only one or two moods to make its ego-centric love songs palatable. “Plants love heavy metal,” said the BBC Gardens expert.

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5 thoughts on “Plants flourish under heavy metal more than other genres”

  1. Stuckfloater says:

    The experiment should go on with cloned animals.

  2. Wolfgang says:

    I knew that already. I had a ficus benjamina a few years ago, and it was healthy and full of leaves. I had to move to another country, so I brought it to my mother’s place.

    In a few weeks it lost many of its leaves, and it doesn’t look so healthy now. My mother said she keeps doing everything I did, and I’m sure she does, minus one thing. When she asked if there was something important other than water, exposure to sunlight and room temperature, I answered: “I often listen to metal. Try to play Slayer from time to time.”

    Of course, she thought I was joking.

  3. Bunn E says:

    There was similar experiment done in Myhtbusters a couple years ago.Metal music was used and the plants were indeed happier.

    1. I believe it. Metal is not self-indulgent music, thus it sounds more like a happy forest than a preening, solipsistic, self-indulgent teen.

  4. Ben says:

    Short plants with big flowers? sounds good for cannabis.

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