Profanatica to release Thy Kingdom Cum on November 26

profanatica-thy_kingdom_cumDemonic occultist black metal band Profanatica, also known sometimes as Havohej, continues its quest to demolish holiness with impure sexual abuse of the incarnate divine.

This legendary band have been active in many forms since the late 1980s, with founding member Paul Ledney contributing to Revenant, Incantation, Havohej and Profanatica as well as being an anchor of the true black metal movement in North America.

Thy Kingdom Cum will see release on Hell’s Headbangers label in both CD and LP formats on November 26, 2013. This follows up to a series of releases following Profanatica’s Profanatitas de Domonatia, which in 2007 marked the rebirth of this vital blasphemous cult.

The album can be pre-ordered and advance tracks heard on the label website.


  1. Ruptureholyhymen
  2. Foul The Air With Blasphemy
  3. Denounce Him
  4. False Doctrina
  5. Definite Atonement
  6. Thy Kingdom Cum
  7. Ropes of Hatred
  8. Water to Blood

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6 thoughts on “Profanatica to release Thy Kingdom Cum on November 26”

  1. vigilance says:

    What always drove home profanatica’s music was the unique drum patterns. It’s a shame to see them fade into almost ambient territory over the course of the last couple releases.

  2. Robert says:

    That album cover is amazing.


    Looking forward to it. Last years EP was a definite step up from previous years. Early stuff is still superior though.

  4. Anthony says:

    Last two albums were both pretty good in different ways. Profanatitas reminded me a lot of the atmospheric northeastern death metal scene that Profanatica/Havohej was spawned from: a bit more complex and nuanced than what they had done in the past, but also a bit more “normal” sounding. Disgusting Blasphemies went completely the other way, back to primitive pre-Norwegian but post-grindcore black metal, like a follow-up to Blasphemy’s Gods of War or early Beherit (but actually very well-written and listenable, unlike most Nuclear War Now bands who try to do the same thing). That intense bass sound and the mocking sense of melody made that album a favorite of mine amongst the recent black metal stuff. I haven’t really cared for any of the ambient stuff Ledney’s done under the Havohej moniker, but it will certainly be interesting to see where he takes Profanatica next.

  5. Rez says:

    I agree with the previous poster about how Ledney’s drumming is what set them apart from many other bands competing for the spot light in the world at that time and that is an element that was definately lacking in later formation.

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