Record Store Day 2014


International Record Store Day, an attempt at preservation by celebration for the category of independent record stores, kicks off this week on April 19. The general idea is that indie record stores offer up some vinyl and rarities on sale and hope for higher attendance.

Some of the participating stores are offering metal (such as Vinal Edge Records in the Heights, above). If you don’t mind fending off the hipsters with a machete and elbowing aside diehards (nostalgia buffs), you might be able to find some good deals and fight back against the digital encroachment on record collecting at the same time.

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3 thoughts on “Record Store Day 2014”

  1. Lord Mosher says:

    “nostalgia buffs”? Hey I resent that comment !!
    Why would anybody elbow me anyway?
    I think the “fending off the hipsters with a machete” was
    thrown in your direction Mr. Even More Bitterman…
    Ha ha, just sayin’.

  2. EDS says:

    Wow I never knew there were so many stores participating just in Pennsylvania alone.

  3. RSD is a scam. Seriously. This is how you sell vinyl to hipsters. If you don’t go to your local store regularly doing it 1 day a year won’t help.

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