Rest In Peace: Mark “Blaash” Michaelson

Clockwise: David Herrera, Mark “Blaash” Michelson, “Jenoside”

Mark “Blaash” Michaelson, known for Where’s My Skin zine and playing drums in Bahimiron, has died. A lively spirit imbued with a fatalistic sense of self-destruction, Michaelson was nonetheless an affirming personality who enjoyed life to the fullest and never let anyone tell him what to do. Our condolences to his family, friends, bandmates and all who were touched by his life.

I met Mark back in the early 2000s when Bahimiron was just starting up and was immediately impressed by his grasp of the spirit of metal. While for him it took a suicidal black metal type of path, he nonetheless understood the more triumphant aspects of metal and affirmed them with vicious but elegant music. He was always a good person to query about the relevance of anything going on in the community.

Celebrate his life through music:

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16 thoughts on “Rest In Peace: Mark “Blaash” Michaelson”

  1. Blake Jugg says:


  2. Christ or Black Cocks says:

    Suicide? Either way, R.I.P.

  3. Fugger says:

    That’s JenOSide, wife of Blaash, not Misti Herrera. JenOside also played in Bahimiron. Someone went onto the Archives to get their quick points in adding some (mis)information.


  4. autist says:

    yeah but what was his IQ

  5. warbuxxx says:

    Thats not Misti Herrera FYI

    1. warbuxxx says:

      Thats actually a band pic, minus one member.

  6. autist says:

    hey guys, if you look at pantera as an early 90s grunge/alt-rock band instead of a metal band, theyre actually pretty good.

    1. Yuzerneigm says:

      Oh dear!

    2. whatever says:

      some retarded guy just got laid!

  7. Anthony says:

    The old ANUS interview with him was pretty great.

  8. Timo says:

    He was a sincere man, and those who knew him will remember him.

    In case the author reads these comments: His surname was Michaelson, not Michelson. And as mentioned, the woman is “Jenoside”, not Misti Herrera.

    1. Thanks. Errors fixed.

  9. Julia Yarrington says:

    To the guy who hung with me so many times in places that didn’t fit him, but did it because we were friends, I’ll miss you and am thankful for our time. Will raise an Aftershock shot to you soon.

  10. Lisa Broussard Januska says:

    Yeah, you were so not wanting to be with us old fucks, but you always did…I always reached out to you and only a few times did you open up…I wish I had been more helpful as a friend, a mentor…but you were smarter than your young mind knew, even way back then. I hope your mind is finally at peace Mark, your buds that always loved you will miss you…no matter what you think….you were loved then and will be continue to be loved and not forgotten. My love goes out to the Michaelson family…..

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