11 thoughts on “Ripper Live in Paris Video”

  1. french fry no.1 says:

    This gig in Paris actually happened because of the DMU – we contacted them after seeing the news of the tour here and made it happen.

    Great to see you posting the video, and huge thanks for the awesome metal you maniacs, keep it going!

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Whoever recorded this video should have done something to get a better sound onto it: Bass and drums are clearly audible, the guitars can mostly only be guessed at.

      Semi-random remark: Despite claims to the contrary, the UK is still located in Europe. A or a few UK dates on this tour had been very nice.

  2. Thewaters says:

    Daniel, you faggot, new Album title etc of the Summoning has been released. Stop working on second year university papers and get on top of shit

  3. Morbideathscream says:

    Ripper need to do some US dates.

  4. Claudia Soulroth says:

    Far more interesting, someone uploaded a cover of an old Cenotaph song from Gloomy Reflections. Watch and learn, kids:

    1. butt stuff says:

      Gloomy Reflections is probably a good album but you can’t be totally sure because HALF THE FUCKING RIFFS ARE INAUDIBLE. when it slows down and you can actually discern the notes its really cool but a lot of it is basically war metal noise.

      “but it’s about the atmosphere!” Well faggot, if you want atmosphere in place of audible phrases then listen to one of the many varieties of modern “metal” that provide just that.

  5. Beyonce "Fetal Power of Death" says:

    Those look like some real niggas.
    And real niggas don’t die.

  6. What has happened to the band Dead Horse? I saw them for the first time three or four years ago, and they were fucking tight and virile, replicating nearly all of their classic material with near-perfection. Even the vocals sounded like the records. Honestly one of the greatest shows I have seen. Saw them again last night, hoping to be blown away again, and it wasn’t even close to the same experience. They opened with Cod Piece Face, and then played a bunch of groove metal/alt rock sellout shit until the end. The vocalist now sounds exactly like the faggot from Nickelback. Has somebody actually been shooting microwaves at their brains, or is this the cynical cashgrab it appears to be?

  7. Gorgowocoa says:


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