Sacramentum – “Fog’s Kiss”

This classic band finally got around to making a video. While there were many Dissection clones back in the day, with Dark Tranquility and In Flames leading the pack, Sacramentum always had something different going which was more like where Sentenced and Amorphis were heading: a nocturnal romance with the potency of existence and the power of the unknown.

Poetic in their approach, and beautiful in the result, Sacramentum launched an initial EP of highly artistic intentions before moving on to their full length, Far Away From the Sun, which suffered from a cover too close to that of Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse and hit just before the melodic metal explosion but just after the Dissection clones debunked themselves. As a result this band never quite got the attention they deserve, which would be to always be mentioned in the same breath as melodic metal greats like Dissection, Sentenced, Necrophobic and Unanimated.

You can buy the re-release of this CD for $10 from Century Media.

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3 thoughts on “Sacramentum – “Fog’s Kiss””

  1. thelzdking says:

    Sacramentum were the best Swedish black metal band; their structures were always more advanced than those of Dissection.

  2. Hmmm, Dissection and Unanimated always seemed boring to me.

  3. Oh my ballsack, when was this made?
    It’s amazing to finally see the band behind this album.

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