Sammath “Thrive In Arrogance” Live Teaser

Sammath‘s current lineup just played their first show. Here’s a snippet of “Thrive in Arrogance” off of Godless Arrogance. A pro shot live video will come soon.

Hipsters and poseurs should beware and stay up at home with their mothers.

Part of “Thrive in arrogance” Into Darkness/Leeuwarden
shows was pro recorded with 6 cameras, drumcam. Should be done soon.

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6 thoughts on “Sammath “Thrive In Arrogance” Live Teaser”

  1. parasite says:

    i hope these guys gain some steam as far as touring goes, metal needs these guys right now.

  2. Death metal as philosophy says:

    fantastic band, I wish them all the best

  3. GVSM says:

    Is there any follow-up to 2017 of Dutch Black Metal?

    1. Titus Pullo says:

      There is. Search this year’s reviews. That one will show up in the best of list.

    2. Seth says:

      Sammath, Asregen, and Standvast (withstanding Triad). Unfortunately Cirith Gorgor turned into noodlecore and devolved into randomness. Gheestenland also has it’s moments. Cultus is a band I have hopes for, but need to dispense with the flowing black metal atmospheric garbage to make concise and powerful songs.

  4. David Szisz says:

    sodomize the sleak

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