6 thoughts on “Slayer posts new track for free download”

  1. After listening to this song, I have high hope for Slayer now.

  2. lilim says:

    I mean it sure sounds like recent Slayer. I’m surprised they’re continuing to record new material; I hadn’t been keeping up on the band since Jeff’s passing.

    Also: “God still hates us all” I did chuckle a bit.

  3. TheWaters says:

    Terrible……World Painted Blood showed promise, but I could not finish listening to this song before turning Show No Mercy on…..

  4. Nito says:

    It sounds like the boredom of Christ Illusion crossed with Diabolus in Musica rap-rock. Hopefully this upcoming album will be their last.

  5. Zothos says:

    What the fuck is this nonsense? If this is an indication of things to come; I ain’t holding my breath.

  6. I have to disagree with all of you. This track sounds like the bands that were around at about the time Slayer was launching. It’s straight US power metal but with better vocals. For that it’s not bad but I hate that style of music and all of it’s fans are homeaux.

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