Stormkult Out On Cassette

kaeck stormkult cassette packaging

Kaeck‘s Stormkult, Death Metal Underground’s 2015 Album of the Year, is out on cassette for all the Volvo station wagons, Ford Fiestas, Dodge Neons, and Mystery Machines lacking CD players. The cassette may be purchased at the Bandcamp link below while the original Folter Records CD is still available from many metal distributors.

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6 thoughts on “Stormkult Out On Cassette”

  1. Ggallin1776 says:

    Damn hipsters.

  2. fenrir says:

    Awesome. Perfect format.

  3. Johan P says:

    Some black metal actually sound better on tape – preferably hissy 3rd generation copies!

  4. ignorantkid says:

    Sometimes I can’t imagine how powerful in these simple melody. There’s not any redundant things in Kaeck.

  5. Chis-Wahh says:

    Cassette tapes are the superior musical format. Any TRVE music fan knows that. Daniel Maarat must be some kind of poser if he doesn’t know that. Cassettes are better than CDs, records, mp3s etc. There must be a bunch short-haired posers who write on this site( TRVE metalheads have long hair. This site is just as bad as metalsucks. DEATH TO FALSE METAL WEBSITES and death metal underground is a false metal website. FUCK OFF AND DIE POSER FAGS.

    1. trolljudge says:

      Trolling score: 3/10

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