Suffocation 2017 European Tour Dates

Suffocation are touring Europe to promote their lame new album …Of the Dark Light that was “Put together right on the spot.”

Hopefully Suffocation will perform their good material from 1991 to 1998 that started with Human Waste and ended with Despise the Sun. Hopefully Frank Mullen will also front the band and not just perform vocals at only half the dates and the festivals.

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5 thoughts on “Suffocation 2017 European Tour Dates”

  1. Hector Pilar (Extreme Chilean Metal) says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Souls To Deny is their only album worth listening to?

    Deicide are so much better \m/

    1. Brainer Rascalslut (Extreme Autism Deutschland) says:

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    2. you're gay says:

      i think you are. you must have some sort of mental condition unique to yourself

      1. Mattel Marauder says:


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